Feedback I’ve Received

I was feeling totally overwhelmed in work, tired couldn't think straight and not functioning properly.  In a single session I thought my job had suddenly just got easier in two session I was getting my life back.  I felt more relaxed,  was thinking more clearly, my job was still the same but it was me that had changed.  If you need to release stress and anxiety so you can move forward, try BWRT and get your life back on track.

Michael Edinburgh

I was suffering from both lack of self esteem and confidence.  I needed away out of the dark place that I was living. Three session of BWRT have changed everything and allowed me to make the changes I needed to get my life back on track. I can highly recomend this amazing therapy.

Robert Liverpool

BWRT  helped me to move on after the break up of my marriage.  I feel more confidant and ready for what the future brings.

Gina Chester

Thank you Lesley and BWRT my fear of flying sorted in one session.

Jenny Edinburgh